High Winds/Heavy Rains over night – RKM enacts post storm inspections – Outercape

Last evening into the morning hours on Monday October 30, the outer cape experienced significant rains and winds; Sustained winds were up to 50 MPHS in some spots with gusts reaching between 60 and 70 MPH.

As a result, RKM Property Management has all available resources/inspectors out at customer properties that are not occupied doing a review.

We are seeing primarily screens down from upper floor windows, some broken branches, limbs, and in some cases shingles on the ground.

Roofing: We have reached out to our roofing company to be on alert as we suspect some homes/condominium associations will require patching over the coming week(s).

As with any event where there may be many homes/buildings in need of patching, it may take some time to get these completed. We will continue to assess and an email will be sent directly to all customers where damage has been determined.

Thank you

The RKM Property Management Team…