RKM Update 9:15 PM : Water/Weather/Remediation

Update: 9:15 PM

RKM has been out assessing/remediating water damage by property as much as possible throughout the day and evening.


East End: All waterfront properties have been visited. Any customers with water damage have been notified. There are several properties that are boarded which have been visited that will be revisited in the early part of Friday January 5th to access the interior components of the property.
West End/Center: Like the East End all water front properties have been assessed and customers have been notified of any water damage.
Truro: Properties along 6A were visited Mid Day today. Water was at but not breaching the Sea Walls at homes and condo associations we visited. It is to early to determine what, if any erosion may result. We also went into many basements. Some have standing water resulting from the influx from the Bay. These customers are aware of any issues discovered.

All properties with water intrusion have been or are in the process of being pumped out. All but two have been fully pumped out. We have found several properties with 2 feet to 6 feet of water depending on the depth of below grade areas. Emergency boilers/furnaces are on order and replacement will begin in these properties Friday mid-day.

Snow/Sleet with strong winds are continuing here on the outer cape. We have a second high- tide at 12:30 AM and will assess impact in the morning, particularly along the bay front properties along Rte 6a and Commercial Street. At present, it appears we will accumulate less than 2 inches of snow overnight allowing RKM to focus on much needed remediation/recovery on impacted properties.

In addition to remediation efforts with severely damaged properties RKM has responded to all requests for inspections and service in concert with the more critical path tasks.

Power has been continual thru all of Truro and all but the very far West End much of the day. In the deep West End roughly from 20 Commercial down to the Break Water/Provincetown INN, power has been out for some time. RKM has met with and conferred with active Town personnel addressing issues in this area.
As many know, the bay water delivered significant flooding inland primarily in Provincetown. The water flowed at a high rate from roughly 11:30 to 12:30 onto and past Commercial Street in most areas. We saw as much as 2 feet of water across Commercial Street and reaching up mid-way on some side streets – primarily in the West End the West Vine ( 80 Commercial) to Delft Haven ( 6 to 10 Commercial). Most of this has been delivered back to the Bay.

Resources: RKM has had its Plumbing and Heating business partners out with us since Mid afternoon and they will continue working thru to resolution beginning on Friday Morning.

Larger Remediation Efforts: We will assess and bring in our larger remediation partners on a case by case basis once the needs are determined thru deeper review post water/damage clean up.

Insurance: We continue to strongly suggest that customers we have contacted regarding damage reach out immediately to their insurance companies to schedule adjusters to accelerate the claim process. I suspect quite quickly adjusters will be overwhelmed with requests delaying any claims that may be approved.
Heat Checks: Tomorrow RKM will continue to remediate efforts currently underway and begin moving farther inward in both Truro and Provincetown to inspect other homes/associations/businesses that have potential impacts from the weather event.

We appreciate all of our customers patience as we address/respond to event related issues.

Thank You,

Rich Mills and The RKM Team.