Severe Weather Event Update: 130 PM – Significant flooding, Snow Fall, Strong Winds

Update: 1:30 PM

Provincetown and Truro have experience severe high tides coupled with very strong winds. The result is water over the seawalls and embankments thru commercial street and into side streets and home/yards both in the East and West ends of Town.

At 12:45 PM at the peak of High Tide Commercial Street both in the far East End and Deep West End had water at roughly a 2’ depth spilling into and crossing over Commercial street. The areas are currently impassible as storm surges are slowing the natural tidal flow back into the Bay.

Truro: Route 6A – We were able to travel along 6A in Truro and noted strong winds and rainfall. The water had not breached the seawalls where we were able to get out and review. A deeper review will be done in days to come post storm activity.

Conditions currently are unsafe to begin assessment of impacted properties. Reviewing and assessing impacting properties will commence post storm. Assessment coupled with snow removal will increase the review time but will focus on areas most impacted.

Disaster Support/Remediation: RKM has reached out to two of its restoration/emergency support vendors to ensure we are in the queue as we determine severity property by property.

Current Conditions: Rain has receded followed by immediate snowfall which is expected to continue thru tomorrow.

Customers who are impacted will be contacted directly.

Please know RKM is doing everything we can as we maneuver thru many variables associated with this severe weather event.