Storm Update: Inspections/Recovery 8:30 PM 01/05/18

RKM Office Storm End of night

UPDATE: 8:30 PM JAN 05,2018

The RKM Team has completed 90% of all post storm property inspections. Tomorrow morning, we will complete the final group of properties more “inland,” that were not impacted as much as those closer to areas impacted by the tidal surge.

Damage Assessments: Damage assessments have been completed and customers notified of current state. All route 6A properties from the edge of Truro/Wellfleet down to the Provincetown Inn have been visited and customers/trustees notified of current state.

Remediation: Efforts have been underway the entire day on all impacted properties. All but two properties have had ocean water pumped out and are currently being dried out. Some properties are already in beginning stages of gutting to remove damaged sheetrock/trim/flooring.

Heat/Loss Water Damage: Properties with no heat due to submerged boilers/furnaces/hot water tanks have been our highest focus today. Of those properties, roughly 20% have had new boilers installed with several more in queue for the beginning of next week. Properties with no heat, have had water drained out of the homes to minimize additional damage. Our vendors are working hard on additional rush orders on new boilers/furnaces, and hot water heaters with the goal of getting them onsite/installed early in the coming week.

Electricity: Many properties have significant damage to wiring which will require rewiring to ensure safety going forward. These properties either have been reviewed, or are in the queue for review in the next 2 days. Restoring electric is a critical predecessor step to restoring the homes with heat via new boilers/furnaces.
Frozen Water Mains: Some properties are experiencing frozen water mains and/or frozen components between the stubs in the street and the exterior of these properties. Water mains are currently off in these properties until resolution between the street and the properties is completed. Properties with self-enclosed/looping systems for boilers will be monitored for pressure to ensure the water in the systems does not evaporate.

Resources: Provincetown has been hit hard from the East End thru to the deep West End along Commercial Street and side streets veering off. The incident volume has resulted in scarce resources to address many issues in a timely fashion. RKM fortunately has secured resources under all technical verticals to begin resolution. We have been very fortunate to have deep, long term relationships that have allowed us to respond and react to our customer’s needs in nearly all cases.

The RKM Team and its partners will be operational again Saturday Morning between 8 AM and 9 AM. Our Office will be staffed for calls/inquires beginning at 9 AM thru 2 PM – note: this is for emergency services only. If you require additional service and/or need to report an event that we have not informed you of, please call/email RKM as soon as possible.

Thank you, Rich Mills and the RKM Team!