Storm Update: Inspections/Recovery 7:30 PM 01/08/18

UPDATE: 7:30 PM JAN 08,2018

Over the weekend RKM continued stabilization efforts on those properties which sustained water damage from the tidal surge.

As of Saturday night, a full account of all damage had been assessed and all affected notified. The remainder of the weekend and today was spent further defining our recovery action plan for each property.

Restoration services have started drying/dehumidifying/gutting on some properties – Additional properties are in queue with our vendors and will become active in the coming week to two weeks as resources become available.
In total, RKM is handling 9 properties requiring restoration services prior to any refinishing tasks are considered.

Today’s thaw was of concern to us. Thankfully we have only had a few burst pipes related to the “warm up” today. Of those reported bursts, all have been either repaired or shut down until the repairs can be made.

This will conclude are blog updates related to the Tidal Surge event on January 4,, 2018.

Thank you, Rich Mills and the RKM Team!