RKM Storm Update 3:30 PM – 3/3/18


POWER: Power has been restored to both Provincetown and Truro and has remained stable for the past two to three hours.

The RKM Team has been out performing emergency services and property reviews throughout the day:

TRURO: 100% Complete. Few issues discovered during the inspections. Any issue reported will be communicated directly to owners/trustees.



East End: Pearl St to Truro Line
Center: Conwell St to Shank Painter
West: Shank Painter to the Provincetown Inn

EAST END: 100% Completed. Minor flooding in crawl spaces found, primarily due to ground water rising. All boilers/hot water tanks are unaffected. Several properties have visual roof damage. In addition some small trees and damaged fences were discovered.

CENTER: 25% Completed.

WEST END: 75% Completed. As reported previously some properties experienced a recurrence of flooding in basement/crawl space areas. These properties have been rechecked. While water is still evident pumps are running and removing the water. Only one had more than 6″ present as of 2 PM this afternoon. The additional pumps added since January 4th have proved worthwhile. Some owners have augmented the existing pumps with additional pumps for the day which has helped accelerate the clean up process. In addition to the flooding, several properties have fallen fences, and blown out windows, and missing shingles.

EROSION: Next week a closer look at our customer’s private beaches will occur to assess any erosion – any issues will be conveyed to the appropriate parties.

REMEDIATION: Few properties appear to require the level of recovery we experienced during the January 4th, 2018 event. Those properties requiring drying/antimicrobrial will be scheduled out beginning next week.

High Tide: Thankfully the Noon high tide was kind to the outer cape. The water edge up to but did not breach the beach area parameters.

Department of Public Works: Much of the water that delivered onto Commercial Street had minimal overall impact thanks to the reverse pumping the DPW has continually performed. Many residents have seen the Town teams working endlessly in all areas – we are all thankful for these risk mitigation strategies the Town put in place to address this event.

Communication:RKM has been and will continually reach out to our customers as we identify issues. Unlike our typical inspection process our customer service team is sending emails direct to customers, and in some cases following up with calls for approvals to perform emergency work.

SUNDAY: Except for emergencies, the office will be closed. Emergency response is available by calling our office and pressing “1” – 508 487-1621

Once all inspections are completed there will be a final update. We are hopeful tonight’s high tide will prove to be kind to the outer cape.

Thank you,

Rich Mills and the RKM Team