RKM: Blizzard/Power Update 8 PM 3/13/18

Blizzard conditions continue on the outer cape. Current forecast calls for the high winds and snow to dissipate between 10 PM and Midnight.

Power was partially restored in Provincetown at roughly 3:30 PM with 1603 residences remaining without power as/of 8 PM. Truro’s power has been fully restored with the exception of 85 residences.

Plowing: The plows did come out this late this afternoon/early evening to clear private streets and entrances to some of our larger condominium associations and businesses. Plows and Sanders are scheduled to begin again between 10 PM and Midnight and will run thru most of the evening until the early hours.

Path/Stairs/Residences: Clearing of paths and stairways is still scheduled to begin Wednesday morning between 7:30 and 8:00 AM. As noted previously the snow is extremely heavy and will take some time to remove from properties. We expect this to continue into Thursday.

After Storm Inspections: As time permits after storm inspections may start as early as Wednesday afternoon in concert with the snow clean up. This effort will continue thru Friday. Any issues identified during inspections will be reported via RKM’s backoffice as soon as possible.

RKM’s office will reopen at 8 AM on 3/14/18.

This will be our last update for the night. Stay Safe!

Rich Mills and the RKM Team…