RKM Snow Removal/Power Update 3/14/18 12:30 PM

RKM began Plowing/Sanding at 10 PM last evening after between 8 and 12 inches of snow fell during the storm. We have seen residences with up to 3 feet of snow due to wind drifts.

Currently 4 teams are out shoveling and salting paths, walkways, and stairways across all of our auto snow removal customers.

Status: Snow removal
West End: 50% complete –
Center: 50% Complete
East End: 50% Complete

Plowing/Sanding has been completed on all driveways and parking lots in Provincetown and Truro.

Power: At present 93% Provincetown is without power as is 47% of Truro.

After Storm inspections: While we are performing visual inspections of exteriors as we go thru the properties all interior inspections will be done Thursday and Friday. Residences with known restart issues with furnaces will be a priority.

We are hopeful power will come back and remain on in the near future.

RKM Property Management