Winterizing your home Step 2

Block up any holes in the eaves or walls. Block anywhere that may provide an entry point to little furry creatures seeking warmth and home for winter; otherwise, you may have a surprise next spring that includes babies.

  • Check that all holes and cracks in exterior walls and foundations and around pipes that penetrate the exterior walls are sealed; otherwise they are entry points for rodents and insects.
  • Rodents and birds can also gain entry via stovepipes and chimneys so these must be secured as well. Shut your fireplace dampers and cap the chimneys. A #10 can (large coffee can) may be used to cap an open stovepipe (the kind that on top takes the shape of a T or an H), but a chimney should be capped with a permanent, stainless steel cap with wire mesh venting. Close flues and dampers.