Coastal Storm 3/2 thru 3/4 – RKM Preparedness

Predictive data indicates the outer-cape could be significantly impacted by a strong/long duration coastal storm starting Thursday night and continuing through Saturday..

The area is expected to be hit with heavy rain, strong wind gusts, coupled with three high tide cycles from Friday morning to Saturday afternoon.

With storm surges estimated at 3 feet in conjunction with high tides, we could see three high tide cycles in excess of 14 feet, just shy of the amounts seen on the January 4th winter storm. In addition ocean waves building to between 20 and 30 feet will be just offshore during the storm.

RKM was able to acquire 100 sand bags and is in the process of placing them at properties most vulnerable – the sand bags are being placed in areas where intrusion is most likely to occur (doors, sliders, and bulkheads).

The RKM Team will be monitoring the storm and will assess any impact as soon as we “safely” can.

In the event that the storm creates damage of significance our office will be staffed on Saturday, March 3 and the phones will be on.