RKM Property Management: Storm Update: 5:00 PM 3/2/18

RKM has been out assessing/remediating water damage by property as much as possible throughout the day.

GENERAL UPDATE: At roughly 11:00 AM water breached the bay along various areas on Commercial Street – by 12:30 after the high tide, water reached onto and past commercial street to Street side homes/businesses. Water did not rise to the levels noted on January 4th.

The East End had various areas where flooding was significant. Particularly around the High 500 to low 600 Street addresses. Thankfully water did not reach into any of our customer’s finished spaces.

Center: Similar to the west end the tidal surge delivered water up onto the decks and under structures, however far less water flooded onto Commercial Street in this area.

West: Flooding was more significant in the west end of Town, particularly the high 40s and under 15 addresses. At present these two areas continue to have recurring surges of water being delivered from the Bay onto and past Commercial Street.


East End: All commercial street properties have been visited. No evidence of water intrusion has occurred.

Center: All Commercial street properties have been visited. While there is no evidence of water intrusion into the structures, the water did breach various decking areas delivering water onto decks and along paths/walkways and under cottage structures. Will assess again post Saturday tide schedules.

West: As noted, flooding was most significant in the deep west end. Several properties have 2 to 3 feet of water in basements at present. RKM has pumps active in these spaces to assist with the quickest exit of standing water.

Truro: Properties along 6A were visited Mid Day today. While high winds were evident, there has been no breaching of Sea Walls at homes and condo associations we visited. It is to early to determine what, if any erosion may result.

POWER: NO known power losses as of 5:00 PM

Town Preventive actions: The Town of Provincetown was out in full force building sand barriers along many areas across the entire town. This risk mitigation strategy greatly help ward off the bay water. In addition, the Town has been out throughout the day addressing areas with significant flooding. Many areas of the Town have been shut down to all non-Town vehicles as the Town dealt with the dramatic flooding. Some areas are still not safe to pass and are shut down.


Two additional High Tides are being monitored:

1.) 3/2/18 11:50PM – Tide Height: 10.6 Feet with Surges 3 to 4 feet.
2.) 3/3/18: 12:10PM – Tide Height: 11.1 Feet with Surges 2 to 3.5 feet.

RKM: As noted previous RKM will have its office open as a normal business day beginning at 10 AM thru 4 PM or later as needed. The team will be out to evaluate as soon as it is safe to do so and roads are passable.

We appreciate all of our customers patience as we address/respond to event related issues.

Thank You,

Rich Mills and The RKM Team.