RKM – STORM UPDATE 10:30 AM – 3/3/18

UPDATE: 3/3/18 10:30 AM

As expected the outer cape was hit severely with both high winds and flooding. Wind gusts were reported well over 70 MPH from 7PM thru the late evening/early morning.

Power has remained out in both Provincetown and Truro for roughly 14 hours and service restoral is uknown as this time.

RKM’s Field team will begin doing prelimiary checks/assessments of all customer properties at 11 AM Saturday and will continue until all checks are done.

Knowns: Flooding did occur during the high tide late Friday night. The impact appears less in many areas than the earlier high tide, however with power being out active sump pumps ceased to run.

IMPACTS: Customers will be notified as soon as possible of any issues.

OFFICE: RKM’s office is open as a normal business day.

Phone Service: While local phone services are down at present we do have our phones up and running via voice over ip technology.

We appreciate all of our customers patience as we address/respond to event related issues.

Thank You,

Rich Mills and The RKM Team.