RKM Storm/Power Update 7 AM 03/15/18

POWER: At roughly 3:35 PM on 3/14/18 power was restored to the bulk of the outer cape including Provincetown and Truro. Wellfleet continues to have outages with roughly 21% of customers without power.

Status: Snow removal
West End: 100% complete –
Center: 100% Complete
East End: 1000% Complete

Plowing/Sanding has been completed on all driveways and parking lots in Provincetown and Truro.

The overnight brought freezing temperatures and a light layer of snow and ice. We will be out salting as needed across customers in need throughout the day.

After Storm inspections:
After Storm inspections commenced on 3/14/18 with roughly 30% of inspections completed. Today will be focused on the after storm checks on remaining properties.

Spring I’m told is around the corner. I’m hopeful that is the case for everyone. It has been one of the most challenging event filled winter seasons in the history of the outer cape. With it brought many variables and the need to adjust to shifting priorities and applying creative solutions to anomaly events not seen in the past.

Project delivery: As one can imagine these winter events have resulted in delays and resource constraints on planned activities. RKM is reviewing its late winter/spring workload to determine how best to assign skilled resources to accelarate delayed deliveries in concert with planned project delivery activities. We are hopeful the outer cape’s infrastructure remains stable and these refreshed activity streams will continue without interupption.

We want to personally thank all the service groups that have worked so hard to continually enact risk mitigation strategies and restore local services.

Finally to our customers. We want to thank you for your understanding and support over these months filled with so many challenges. Our passion and motivation comes from your support and understanding.

As noted.. Bring on Spring. 🙂

Rich Mills and the RKM Team….

RKM Property Management