Effective Immediately: Recycling Program Changes from Provincetown DPW

Effective Immediately: Recycling Program Changes from Provincetown DPW

The Provincetown DPW has asked us to pass along two important changes to their recycling program that went into effect on January 1, 2019.

1) Recycling will no longer be accepted if it’s in plastic bags. This applies to recycling picked up by the Town at your home and recycling brought to the transfer station. This directive has come from the company that collects Provincetown’s  recycling. If their loads are found to be contaminated with plastic bags, they will return the load to Provincetown. The reason for this change is because plastic bags slow the sorting process by getting caught up in their equipment.

2) All recycling must be in covered, marked, barrels. The blue totes are a thing of the past. They are no longer selling the blue totes at the transfer station for outside use. If you choose to continue using the small blue totes, you must make sure they are covered. The DPW strongly suggests changing to a covered, 32-gallon barrel, marked with the recycling symbol.  Some barrels come with the symbol preprinted on them. If you purchase barrels without the preprinted symbol, you can purchase recycling symbol stickers at the transfer station for $5 per pair. This regulation came from a recommendation from the Recycling and Renewable Energy Committee to the Board of Health who approved it. The goal is to keep plastics etc. from blowing around and ending up in the bay.

At your request, RKM will purchase the recommended barrel (shown above), stencil your house or unit # on the barrel, and deliver the barrel to your property for $100 per barrel. The charge to dispose of old barrels is $10 per barrel. Requests for barrels through RKM can be sent to: service@rkmpropertymanagement.com.

The DPW would like to thank you in advance for your cooperation. You can follow The Provincetown DPW on Facebook and call the DPW’s Operations Director, Sherry Prada at 508-487-7060 if you have any questions. Sherry is always happy to help!


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